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Journey to Patagonia

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Clients Claudia & Charlie have made active vacations part of their lifestyle. They have hiked many of the US National Parks, Montanta, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. The Dolomites in northern Italy and the Andes in Peru.

Last year they set out on another adventure - this time to the Patagonia region in southern Chile. This area is famously known due to the "W" which consists of a series of very rigorous full day hikes.

Charlie & Claudia - active lifestyle role models!

"As with all of our trips, being fit is a critical part of being able to take full advantage of what the region has to offer" says boxing client Claudia. As well as our regular workout routine, we will start training weeks before our trips. An important part of preparing is "getting time in boots" as well as getting ourselves "pack worthy". We will add long walks/hikes (in our boots). In addition, we up our boxing training with Joanie. Joanies training increases our cardio stamina, muscle strength, as well as balance. All critical to the rugged terian. We found the workouts so helpful that the month before leaving we doubled our workout time with Joanie! These sessions not only prepared us completely, but were alot of fun!

So for us the journey is getting ready as well as the trip itself! Next stop is Mount Blanc in the French and Italian Alps!

"For us the journey is getting ready as well as the trip!" Crater Lake in Colorado

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