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Joanie - Owner, Trainer - Be Fit Boxing, Joaniefit, LLC


ACE , AFAA & NASM Approved Provider:  Above the Core! The Business of Fitness!

K9 Fit Club Master Training Instructor

RockSteady - Boxing to Fight Parkinsons! 

Certifications:  ACE (American Council of Exercise)

AFFA (American Council on Exercise) ,

American Kickboxing Institute, RockSteady Boxing

Turbokick Gold Certified Instructor - Orange County, California.

ASFA (American Sports & Fitness Association) Water Aerobics Certiifed

Insanity - Certified Instructor, PIYO, Pound Restorative Yoga- Yoga & Ayurveda Centere

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Nutrition Coach


“I have always had a passion for fitness, but found the added benefits of how a good exercise program can help relieve stress and increase coping skills as my family grew.  Then, becoming a single mom of 5 children  - my fitness had grounded and anchored me, which made me both a stronger  person and parent.  I strive to share this philosophy with my clients.  By taking time to take care of your self, you become a better caregiver, provider, worker, whatever capacity you are needed for out there. I prepare you for whatever life throws at you, here in the gym, from the inside out!”

Misson Statement:  Joanie Fit, as a business and lifestyle, was cultivated when I decided to pursue fitness and health to better myself for the sake of my five children. In my pursuit of wellness, I found the keys to creating a wholly beneficial exercise program that helped strengthen not only the body, but the mind and spirit. Through my programs, I teach how prioritizing your physical health can improve your mental health and physical abilities: when you make your workout harder, your life gets easier! With personal attention to your individual fitness needs, I offer support and guidance as we elevate your fitness and achieve your wellness goals. Each workout by Joanie Fit is guaranteed to make you sweat, release endorphins, clear your mind, and make you sore the next day! 


Joanie has been training in Wilmington, DE and Ocean City MD for the past 15 years. She constantly strives to bring clients the newest research & advancement in the exercise community. 












(Formally CrossFit Riverfront)

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