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Holiday Fundraiser

Join Joanie & your teammates helping this holiday season!

The animals at Humane Animal Partners (previously Delaware Humane Society) need your help keeping warm! 

As the weather gets colder, our dogs are in need of extra blankets! If you have any warm blankets* you don’t use anymore, please consider donating them to our animals here! 

As long as the blanket does not have any stuffing/beading/contents inside, they can help keep a dog warm until they find their forever home! 

Other appreciated donations would be extra space heaters, dog/cat treats, or anything from our Amazon wishlist! (Hard copy available if needed)

Thank you so much for your help keeping these furry faces happy and warm!


Collecting through December at all trainings and classes - love my clients - generous, hard working, and thoughtful.  Take care of your mental with donating - I’ll help you take care of your physical!

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