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JoanieFit Workouts

My passion is helping you enjoy your workout, get the most effective full body care, and feel marvelous after your done!  Workouts are available to fit your schedule - and filmed at beatutiful locations.


 Join the cast to feel the "performance effect" which enhances your  workout - plus you'll have fun with like minded fitness friends - a win -win!


Join us for Turbokick - High energy, big calorie burn - and FUN!! Next filming:  December 3rd- 10 am - Fit Studio, Wilmington De. Email to be part of the cast!



               Bodysculpt by Joanie

Bodysculpt is a mix of cardio, weight training, balance & core work,  email to be part of the cast!

montchanin training.png

                 UPCOMING FILMINGS

Do you have a location you would like highlighted?  Let me know!


Cardio Kickboxing Live!

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