This program is  for future and current group fitness instructors to give you the ultimate short cut! It’s what I wish I had known 17 years ago when I began, before I made countless errors that I have learned from.  All my years of experience and studying can be your GPS navigation to avoiding the pot holes, pitfalls and devastation that you would inevitably encounter without a road map.  Whether you are a veteran instructor looking to add more spark to your classes, build your own business, or new to the industry and wondering what to do next.....look no further, I am here as your guide!

JoanieFit’s Above the Core  is available as a one day workshop for individuals to attend, a mix of education and practical training to get you prepared to hit the ground running! 

Gyms can contract for a 2 day seminar to evaluate and enhance their current staff


The Business of Fitness

Fitness Motivation Specialist

About The Business of Fitness

Making a Positive Impact

ABOVE THE CORE -The Business of Fitness is designed to help group fitness instructors, or those wanting to enter the fitness industry understand how to turn this passion into a career.  This is intended to increase confidence and professionalism in group instructors by covering areas such as becoming an expert, building your clientele, advertising & marketing and client retention.  Many new instructors struggle with how to make this passion into a career.  After walking out of a certification training an instructor can feel knowledgeable – but feel like “now what?”  How do I put this training to practice?  Where do I go from here?  This workshop is to help navigate the pitfalls & mistakes new instructors can make when starting out.

Participants Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

“As a presenter, media spokesperson and Founder of K9 Fit Club, to consistently deliver with a positive attitude is gift and talent. Joanie Fit and her Above the Core – The Business of Fitness program exceeded our expectations and was the missing piece to the puzzle. To add Joanie’s program, as recognized by ACE, to our Standard of Excellence raised the bar even higher.
With a solid 10 from all surveyed, not only did Joanie deliver with enthusiasm and knowledge, she took the time to address questions individually, understand their needs and listen.
Our new K9 Fit Club Licensees walked walk away knowing they can take the knowledge back and run a successful business..”

Tricia Montgomery,

Founder & CEO, K9 Fit Club, Chicago

“My place in the fitness world follows a rather unconventional path in some regard. Although I work directly with athletes, assisting them as they build confidence and reach their fitness goals, my main passion is helping people. Therefore I oversee a program that trains charity athletes for mostly marathons and triathlons. The “Above The Core” workshop is a must for anyone who aims to work with individuals or groups in the fitness world. In theory, getting started in this field is pretty straight forward, but understanding how to navigate through all of the specifics (insurance, billing etc) can be daunting. Joanie offers an amazingly well thought out approach to creating a successful business while not taking any of the fun or passion out of the mix. Like any business, there are obstacles and challenges that one has to face, but “Above The Core” gives one the tools to work though the tough stuff and reap the rewards in both business and in health. “

Kerry Quakenbush, Director of Endurance Events, APLA Health. Los Angeles, Ca.

“Because of the knowledge and encouragement, my husband and I can now run a successful business”

Shaunisty Ross- Nida, K9 Fit Club Las Vegas

"Above The Core certification has provided me the tools to start my own fitness practice. Joanie provides an experienced perspective into how to grow your group fitness business. I highly recommend this certification for all fitness instructors."

Gina C. -Philadelphia, PA

I took the Above the Core seminar which was part of a 4-day K9 Fit Club Licensing and Master Training Certification.  Being in the fitness industry since 2003, I have had the privilege to learn from many different people over the years.  I found Joanie’s course to be very informative and engaging. She thoroughly covered all topics relating to the business side of fitness; she provided examples and answered all questions knowledgably; and like everything she does, Joanie delivered her presentation with enthusiasm as she just can't help but create a positive environment for her class participants.

Andrea Davis – Lacombe, Alberta Canada

Business of Group Fitness - make your classes stand out!

Join Joanie Fit for the Teacher Training Workshop. This intense, 1-day training will provide you with the tools and knowledge to lead your very own class.


  1. •Includes fundamental principles and philosophies

  2. •Structuring the room & program to be creative

  3. •Verbal and tactile cueing skills

  4. •Modifications and variations

  5. •Musicality and technique

  6. •Lead with confidence and creativity

  7. •Learn how to program your own class

All participants will receive a certificate of completion 

  1. -0.6 CEU’s through ACE 

  2. - 0.8 CEU’s through NASM

  3. - 8 CEU’s through AFFA         upon completing the exam

8 hour workshop - INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTOR: $159.00

Gym Contract for Staff: $489.00


COURSE TITLE: The Business of Group Fitness - Make Your Class Standout!


JoanieFit’s Above the Core  is available as a one day workshop for individuals to attend, a mix of education and practical training to get you prepared to hit the ground running!

Corporate Wellness Endeavors

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Corporate wellness initiatives  include public engagements which can vary depending on client needs.  From lunch and learn seminars, workshops and health promotion opportunities  I look forward to being your fitness motivator!

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