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JoanieFit Online

Make your workouts harder, your life easier!

Can’t make that class? Traveling? Well now you can workout at home with Joanie Fit!

Just click here to go to our online partner to check out the Joanie Fit home workouts - New Classes added monthly!

Be sure to follow me, (& rate your workouts!) to be the first to know about new classes

Special discount code!  

JFIT22A  -Annual Discount - $59.00/year  (Original Price: $120 - BIG SAVINGS!)

JFIT22M -Monthly Discount - $8.99/month (Original Price: $14.99 - BIG SAVINGS!)

Sample Workouts!

Sample Workouts!

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All Categories
Online workout

Boxing Roadwork with Joaniefit Series 1

U of De Workout

Jamaica Ab Day Promo

Sample kickboxing workout!

Joanie Resort promo

Body Sculpt at Wyra trailer

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