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JoanieFit Online

Make your workouts harder, your life easier!

Can’t make that class? Traveling? Well now you can workout at home with Joanie Fit!

Just click here to go to our online partner to check out the Joanie Fit home workouts - New Classes added monthly!

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Sample Workouts!

Sample Workouts!

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All Categories
Online workout

Sample kickboxing workout!

Sample RH Gallery Kboxing

Sample Lower Body Workout with Your Dog!

Quick Core Sample Stitchouse

Galer Estates Sample

Sample Fit Over 50

What BA Members Have to Say:

Get Lean Intervals - Part of the Burnout Recovery Series

It will get easier the more I do this video. Another fabulous JoanieFit workout. Feeling the love and feeling GREAT!! Reviewer:  Robin Lucier

Body Weight Workout Anywhere!

This one’s saved to my favorites. Just love it and I do this workout all the time! Reviewer:  Jennifer Holbrook

Kickboxing Round 28 with Ab Challenge Finisher

Amazing workout, love the weight finisher at the end! Reviewer; Jessica Thibodeau


JoanieFit Strength Fit Over 50

This is one of my favorite classes! Joanie is sneaky about working muscles without you focusing solely on that muscle, its an amazing distraction technique and provides for a great workout. Thankyou Joanie! Reviewer: Susan Lee

Joanie is great accomodating the "mature" exercisers! Knowledgeable, fun, supportive!! Reviewer:  Kellie Goossens

Kickboxing Round 3 (at The Mill)

Loved it! Wish I could come visit you, but this is the next-best thing. Great workout. Thanks, Joanie. Reviewer: Jean Alfieri

Bodysculpt Class #4

Awesome class! That was a great sweat! Going to favorite this workout! Love Joanie's guidance and positive attitude!  Reviewer: Crystle Garbade

Full-Body Travel Workout Carillon

Great workout! I worked up a healthy sweat and felt the stretch too! Looking forward to trying more JoanieFit classes!! Reviewer: Roz Buck

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