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Outside the Wheel! Open letter to the kickboxing team from Saturday......

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Things have changed. Your t-shirts are soaked. Your recently blow dried hair is a disaster. You're sneaking an hour away from work or from your busy home early on this Saturday morning. (or getting up early!). You are all completely devoted mothers, wives, girlfriends, employees - you don't need this! Frankly, you've made it the past pretty nicely without this bi-weekly punishment, thank you! As a cherry on this torture sundae- you're paying money for this! WHY DO YOU SHOW UP?

I hope with all my heart that the answer is the health of the only body you will ever have.

I hope you feel great after a scorcher kickboxing class, like this morning!. I hope you realize the workout is not getting easier - you are getting fitter. I hope you are proud of yourself in the seconds before you doze off on Saturday afternoon.

I hope you enjoy the moment when you pull on a pair of shorts that feel looser and have to ask yourself "did I wash these?" and the answer is a sounding 'YES!"

You have definitely broken out of the hamster wheel! My hope is that each of you will hang in there and stay committed - your body is worth the effort! Tons of love to my team!

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1 Comment

Rachel G
Rachel G
Sep 24, 2022

Great post thanks.

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