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Open Letter Regarding School Supply Fundraiser -A BIG THANK YOU!

To all my wonderful clients, neighbors and friends that generously donated.....I so wish you could've been with me! I need to say honestly, delivering your donations was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Myself & John (my producer of videos, camera man, site director, business partner, best friend....oh and husband) had the honor of visiting several schools in the St. James Parish area.

Some people asked how this project came about. As a local business owner, I have always held fitness fundraisers, many will remember our fun Sundays at St. Anthonys.....

St. Anthonys Parish - Savanah Strong Fundraiser - kickboxing to raise money to fight childhood cancer

Then came covid.....things shut down - including my group fitness business, and our fundraiser, as well as fitness retreat had to be put on hold. So with the down time, like lots of us did, I looked for new ventures and activities. For years I've researched becoming a "traveling fitness instructor" this became my chance!!! I could share my love of group fitness while staying at tropical locations. This provided an opportuniity to film for my ondemand platforms with beautiful backdrops - which hopefully gives the user the feeling of getting away while working out from home.

Stretch Strength & Recovery Workouts!

On our first trip to Jamaica, we became so impressed by our private driver, Kurk. His knowledge of the island, its history and learning about it from him was one of our best experiences of that first trip in January. Upon learning about how life was, I decided that when (not if!) we came again we would come doing something to help.

So began the project of collecting school supplies to bring on our recent trip to teach at the Hyatt Montego Bay. Thanks to the generosity of so many of you....boy did we have alot!!! We were able to provide items for 3 local schools.

Bringing Supplies to Kurks childrens school

Our countries may be different in government, economy, and structure, but one thing is universal....the hope of parents to give their children the best start to life possible. Thank you for helping me do this small thing to help! Much love! Joanie

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