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How to Get Back Into Your Fitness Routine

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You will feel so much better after a good workout - so just get yourself there - I will do the rest!

As a fitness professional I take my job very seriously. Yes, I want to share my love of working out with all my clients. (yes, yes, of course you are loving the burpees! You feel your body changing!). But there is one big pink elephant in the room…… Do I talk about the inevitable situation of …… life getting in the way? Wether its an injury, work or traveling, there will most likely come a time frame where that excited client is unable to continue for some reason. I have seen this over and over during my 20 year career. My big question - do I discuss this with a client prior to it happening? So that they are mentally ready for it - or is that just “giving them the idea- an out?”

I am very tough on new clients - as far as showing up for their trainings in the beginning. My thought - even if you are not in the mood - just get here - after 15 minutes if I haven’t gotten you motivated to enjoy your workout - permission to leave… my 20 years I haven’t had one person take the out.

In the beginning of the fitness journey - yes, showing up can be hard - but once you create the “habit” your body will look forward to and crave the workout (aka endorphins that are released). I will never forget the defining moment when a long term client told me she finally DOESN’T schedule appointments that conflict with training….she looks forward to coming. She pushed through that hard beginning - kept showing up and now enjoys her stress relief time!

But what happens when you do need to take a break from your fitness? Ok, well here is where the principle of reversibility comes in. If you understand psychologically where you are in your fitness journey - you can help get yourself back on track. Think of your continued time working out as money in your fitness bank. The longer you have been consistent and dedicated to your exercise - you are building up that “fitness bank”. Any breaks in your fitness after a year or more of consistency will not hurt your progress as much as it will a newcomer (less than a year). A newcomer does not have the benefit of the endorphin connection - so its easier for that person to listen to that other voice thats saying “its hard, I don’t really have time…..etc.”

Reversibility is understanding that any gains in fitness will be “reversed” if not used. But the more you have in your fitness bank - the smaller the effect on your fitness - and the easier to get back those losses. But watch out….if you are on the other side……you lose your gains quicker, and it takes longer to get back to where you were…..which is why I am harder on new clients.

We all have days that we don’t feel like working out…..but its the logical side of you that needs to step up and say - I will feel so much better after a good workout - so just get yourself there - I will do the rest!

All through out your fitness journey (that will be the rest of your life) there will be times that life/injury gets in the way, but understanding where you are in the journey and how that affects any break - is important. If you are well into your journey - your time “de-training” can actually benefit your fitness - the workout will feel “new” again, your body will feel re-charged! But if you are in the beginning phases - buckle down & fill your “bank”!

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