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One setback to your fitness goals is mindset. Breaks my heart when I see a client who is so close to seeing the results they have been working for, "falls off the wagon" so to speak. Begins missing classes/trainings - self sabatoging. How to not fall into this?? Tell me something good!!!!

Lasting behavior change is built on little victories, and calling out the good of each day is a powerful act. By acknowledging the behaviors you feel good about, you are more likely to do them again in order to get that same feeling. This helps to boost your self-confidence AND your belief that success is possible.

Take some time to call out the wins and celebrate the small things that go right. Because when you notice what IS working, then you can build on it. Take a moment, on social media, or by texting me or a friend & TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD TODAY!

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