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I Don't Believe In Days Off

Ok, well that sounds harsh....let me clarify. When it comes to fitness, I am very regimented.....I think I need to be. Once your going against the tide of age (from 35 years on), any day we are not “fighting age” we are aging. Sad but true. There are so many important byproducts of a workout.....trimmer figure, stronger muscles, look better in skinny jeans....but what is important to me is a lot of whats going on under the surface. As we age, we start to lose our bone density, muscular density and balance....but here’s the good news!!!! The more you train - you are actually helping to keep, or yes, even build these areas! I don't know about you, but to me this is too

important to think of a day off.

Part of my job as a trainer is to motivate people. Lets just gently point out that most of us do not need to be told to go rest. Most need to be pumped up, bribed or lassoed into getting their workouts in, so to me, I don’t worry about you getting days off....instead lets think about the variety of your fitness - impact, types and durations of your workouts. How about 2 high intensity (such as boxing with a fun trainer - shameless plug there) per week, 2-3 days of full body weight training - such as a group fitness class or gym circuits then 1-2 days of lower impact but duration - maybe an outdoor hike, bike or fun activity.

Fitness like it, love it, or not.....needs to be incorporated into every day - in some fashion. You can get creative! You can hire a trainer to keep you on track! No one in your area? No problem, virtual train.....just find the personality that clicks with you. Our job as trainers is to help you get your workout in, and get the most out of that time. Check out to work out with me!

So instead of asking “when should I take a rest day?’ Let me ask you - would you like to see your future self still active? I plan to!

“Get Creative with your Fitness!”

Get Creative With your Workouts

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