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Challenge = Change

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Joaniefit Above the Core Forum, fitness program plans and keeping up with my fabulous clients! My classes are designed to bring people from every exercise background together as a supportive team. We collectively test each others limits and lovingly remind one another to place ourselves back toward the top of the list.....I love my clients and all the booty they kick! Feel free to browse around, steal my ideas & keep yourself gorgeous!

Todays workout was a doosey! Lots of groans from this one. But first off, welcome back Denise!!!! Great job - killed the workout! Today is all about the one side loaded drills - I rotate this in at least twice a month to my own routines and for clients.

So warmup....... 5 count squats, walkouts to T rotations, 5 count push up (I suggested on the knees for these so that full range of motion is met - except for you rockstars out all means stay in that strong plank). One weight extended overhead oblique flexion.

One side loaded squat. (these drills can be done for number of reps or timed - I did todays by rep count.....15-20 per drill)

Moving squat with knee raise (narrow step out step in knee raise with overhead press)

Pulsing lunges

Hold lunge with bicep curl

Narrow squat with tricep

Lateral lunge step in to lateral fly

Hold lateral lunge (switch weight to trailing leg side) lateral raise then front raise

Lots of shaking out the legs break set time! moving push ups with in & out abs 40 seconds

Repeat above drills on opposite side

Break set: sled push (my version......2 heavy weights on towels, push across floor using lower body, travel back in a reverse push pull). Morning crew was lucky......couldn't do this drill outside today because of the I substituted stations done for 2 minutes.

Always like to end with abs, using the towels that we had for the sled push, we did over unders, sneaky way to get a good ab tuck done....except to those taller clients with long legs....sorry Vince & Maureen - but you got those done - proud of you!

If there's extra time, repeat drills, add into the break sets.....moving bear, moving push up with jump in squats, or good olde sled push with donkey kicks added at top - have fun with it! Your body changes when challenged

You are amazing!

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