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Above the Core Training - Try to Keep Up with my Fabulous Clients!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

JoanieFit Above the Core Training - A forum for workout ideas, health tips & keeping up with my fabulous clients! So excited to see so many clients (socially distanced of course) in person again!

This was a good one!

2 drills put together to really target and tone.....

  1. Wide row into upright row

  2. Bicep curl flip wrist for frontal raise

  3. glut bridge walk outs

12-15 reps each - go through twice

room or track run 4 minutes (your a boxer - 4 minutes is nothing to you!) high knee run if in a small space

4. Wood chop. then half kneeling press up

5. Sumo squat with hammer curl at bottom then stand

6. Hold weight in static hold with curtsey lunges

jump rope 5-6 minutes (float like a butterfly sting like a bee)

Ending the drills with, of course, a great ab section

  1. Russian twist 50

  2. Weighted toe reach 40

  3. Sissor reach & hold 20

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