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Above the Core Training - Todays Ab Attack Class!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Anyone that trains or takes classes with me knows....I'm all about connecting with your core. Ai Dupont Nemours client Judy calls me the - "Oblique freak" - yes - I'll wear that title proudly! (maybe even have tee shirts made????). Our core does so much more then just look cute in a bathing suit. It supports all movement, protects our vital organs, can improve sports movement.....and lets go back one moment to - it looks great when its defined!!

So, in every class/training I keep clients focused on connecting with that core, feeling the strength. Here's todays workout - feel free to take my workout and try it at home!

Todays Bodysculpt Abb Attack Class:

Warm up 5-8 minutes followed by:

Set 1

Iso hold marches 45 sec. (keep those weights shoulder height & steady, drive knees to elbows slowly & controlled)

Squat twisting overhead presses. 10-12 reps (be sure you are pivoting from the ground)

Goal post iso hold with lateral lunges 45 sec. (keep back aligned) this is hard...but don't give up, I know you can do this!)

Ab Attack:

Rag doll (seriously, relax and elongate those muscles). then cannon ball - tight super tight - back to rag doll, you get it right? about 10 rounds

then leaning back on elbows toe taps 20

Repeat set 1 30 seconds each drill - go for good clean form, not a number

Set 2

Farmers carry swings with alternating lunges 10-12 reps

Squat into weighted bowler. 10-12 reps

low row drop into jump back - stay low when you come back in - only 6 sets

Ab Attack round 2:

Rag Doll Cannon ball again 10 rounds

Lean back on elbows - this time Long leg alternating drops 20

Repeat set 2 30 seconds each drill

Set 3

Chest press with glut bridge 10-12 reps

bicep iso hold rotations in boat pose 8-10 reps (this one is advanced bring feet to floor if necessary & work up to the boat hold)

Tricep into lean back hold - one weight - legs are extended long 10-12 reps (keep your back straight at the top)

Ab Attack Final Set:

Rag Doll Cannon ball 10 rounds (its your last time you can do it!)

lean back on elbows legs long draw circles with the legs

Rag Doll Cannon again 10

lean back this time start with legs 6 inches above the floor alternate a lift (to failure - watch your form)

Repeat set 3 30 seconds each drill - YOU ABS SHOULD BE SHAKING

Ok, I'm going to say I felt my abs after this, I hope you do too. We added some bursts of cardio in between sets. Be sure to regress to any level needed to keep great form - so much more important than a number or doing the hardest level. We are all on our fitness journey - enjoy yours!

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