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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Ever feel like you need a vacation from vacation? Maybe you ate too much, didn’t exercise enough, and feel run down and overwhelmed by all the things you didn’t get to? I hear this all the time and have to say I used to feel the same…but not anymore. I’ve created a system to stay on track and lock in healthy, productive habits, even during vacations and busy times when I’m not in my normal routine…Today, I want to share my best practices with you…

It’s proven – if you want to improve your fitness, weight, health, mindset, and productivity, you must TRACK them. Here are the top 4 areas to focus on for overall better habits… and best yet - see the best fitness trackers based on in-depth reviews by!


If you want to consistently stick to healthier eating habits to the point where you’re making a lifestyle change (instead of a temporary change), track it! Keep note of what you eat AND drink, so you can identify roadblocks and eliminate bad habits. Adequate water intake is SO IMPORTANT and often overlooked. Aim to consume at least three 25 ounce bottles of water per day. I track this by filling up my insulated bottles the night before, so I can take them with me wherever I go.


I recommend doing some type of activity every single day. It doesn’t have to be an hour long, hardcore workout every time – just do SOMETHING to get moving each day…and track it. Schedule your type of workout and the time of each one each day of the week. That way, you have wiggle room when life gets in the way, and you’ll be guaranteed to get some type of workout in most days of the week. But in all my time of research I’ve found your workouts must be scheduled and specific. ( Shameless plug for my online workouts here)


You’ve heard me say it before: happiness is a CHOICE. You can make a positive mindset a habit by starting each day listing something you’re grateful for. Even if it’s the tiniest thing (like fake eyelashes), there’s always something to be grateful for, and writing it down automatically shifts your mindset.


Not getting an adequate amount of sleep has such a profound effect on our health. Our weight, hormones, metabolism, immune system and so much more are affected when we don’t get enough. It’s easy to set a goal to “get more sleep”; however, putting this into practice is harder said than done…unless you track it!

A comprehensive guide to choosing the best fitness tracker to support your health and fitness goals. Fitness trackers do more than just count your steps, they also monitor your daily activity and analyze the progressionMany people with wearable devices stop using them within a couple of monthsThe accuracy of fitness trackers isn’t tested for every exercise and activity, so it’s beneficial to use the data as estimations Studies show that healthy competition between friends or peers can help you stay motivated on your fitness journey. (click on above photo to read full article.)

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