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10 Cancer-Causing Foods That Should Never Cross Your Lips

Of course, no one likes eating something that can make them sick; however, there are a lot of people who do not pay the necessary attention to their diet and end up being unaware about the safety of the foods they are buying and eating. Unfortunately, the standard American diet these days is based mostly on unhealthy foods.

And, a lot of these foods have been linked with serious illnesses, including cancer. Therefore, it is good to know that by avoiding some foods or reducing the amounts we eat, we can help lower our chance of cancer. Below, check out the list with the 10 most cancerous foods that you should stay away from.

  • Sugar

Refined sugar consumption can be damaging for the overall health. This is because cancer cells grow and spread with the help of sugar, as well as from foods that convert into sugar in the body, that is, bread, carbs, grains, pasta, and some fruits. This is why balancing its intake is a must.

  • White flour

White flour, a commercially-grown grain, is treated with fungicides, pesticides, and insecticides. This flour is also processed on high temperature and manufacturers use chlorine oxide to whiten the flour. The end product that we get in the supermarket is a nutrient-absent starch filled with toxins and potentially cancerous.

  • Soda drinks

These beverages are filled with all kinds of artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, as well as empty calories. They have been found to contribute to inflammation, insulin resistance, and weight gain. And, research has discovered its cancer-causing properties, especially ones linked with pancreatic cancer.

  • Hydrogenated oils

These man-made products have a changed chemical structure with the goal to prolong shelf-life. There are a lot of chemicals present in these oils in order to cover the odor and change the oil’s taste. Research points out that these vegetable oils elevate the risk of breast cancer twice.

  • Microwave popcorn

Though you find it a convenient snack for Netflix nights, the microwave popcorn you are buying is not good for you. Namely, the bag in which they are packed contains a chemical known as PFOA. This toxin was found to increase the chance for different types of cancer, including prostate, colorectal, lung, prostate, breast, and kidney.

  • Processed meat

Whether it is hot dog or bacon or some other luncheon meat, you need to ditch it right away. Filled with too much salt and all kinds of chemicals, processed meat elevates your risk of heart illness and cancer.

  • Smoked and cured foods

These products are often made with nitrates and nitrites that have the roles of preservatives that avert the food from going bad. However, when they are cooked, they change into a by-product, including nitrosamine and nitrosamide.

  • GMOs

Genetically modified food has been the main topic of numerous debates these days. GMO foods and products have been linked with cancer in some studies. So, make sure you read the labels of the foods/drinks you are buying and avoid the ones promoting GMO.

  • Soy protein isolate

Unprocessed soybeans are an amazing protein source, but of other nutrients too. However, 90 to 95 percent of the soybeans (used for the creation of soy protein isolate) grown in the U.S. have been genetically modified to resist herbicides. These soy protein isolates contain anti-nutrients which impede the body’s capacity to digest food and absorb nutrients into the blood. They have also been connected with the promotion, growth, and spread of breast cancer in some findings.

  • Cans lined with BPA

BPA or bisphenol A is an industrial chemical which has been used for the production of specific plastics and resins since the 60s. BPA is also used for the coating of metal cans. Unfortunately, research has associated it with diabetes, infertility, obesity, and cancer.

My role is as your fitness coach, but because what you put in your body to fuel it has such an impact on your health, I have obtained a Nutrition Certification so that I can provide you with the latest information to help you stay healthy, fit and active.

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