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Killer Core Circuit, Step Into Our Gym! Above the Core

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

JoanieFit Above the Core Training! A forum for workout ideas, health tips & keeping up with my fabulous clients! So excited to see so many clients (socially distanced of course) in person again! Lots of great work getting done - here's our workout from last week.....lots of moans the day after about their sore abs (insert evil laugh here!)

Warm Up Set: Spine rotation in quadruped position

Weighted Goblet squat

March with 2 weights elevated over head

Drills: Reverse lunge knee lift with rotation (1 weight)

Kneeling weighted good morning

Bird dog with tricep kickback

Repeat drills on opposite lead, repeat circuit 4 times (2 per lead). between sets 40 second holds of the following (progressing to next level each time, or regress when needed) - there were lots of groans at this point!

  1. low plank

  2. low plank leg lift 2 counts each side

  3. low plank see saw

  4. low plank tap outs

We finished off this killer workout with floor abs: Russian twist, Single single double bikes, weighted crunch. Workout was followed by mopping up all the sweat!

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