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I Finally Learned to Listen to My Body

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Self care - so many elements - explore & see what benefits you

Part of being a trainer (ok, a good trainer) is helping clients reach their potential - understand their potential. So many times that is understanding that the body is capable of so so much! The mind is usually what holds someone back from getting to that next “level” in their fitness journey. The other side of that is assisting clients in learning to listen to their body. Our bodies are amazing, but injuries happen. Coming to terms with limitations and modifications can be hard for some people - but so necessary in order to continue striving for health through fitness. So many times I have worked with very motivated consistent clients that have struggled with how to maintain fitness through recovery. I have had clients with knee replacements - come in on crutches and work out and box from a chair. Shoulder injuries - box with one glove. Keeping the schedule of your daily workouts - but modifying as needed - its beneficial both physically and mentally.

One of the biggest lessons I am learning personally during my recovery from hip replacement surgery - is exactly what I teach clients on a daily basis, to listen to your body. My daily routine may be really off (have not returned fully to work yet), but I am doing everything I can to keep “my fitness schedule”. And man, has that schedule changed dramatically - but that is not always a bad thing. Regular routine: up at 5 am- self wake up (do not use alarms) for my personal workout (one hour of either cardio, weight training or piyo alternating each morning). Start personal boxing clients at 7 am, usually teach 3 to 4 classes daily in between personal clients, and usually a mid day workout (45 minutes) when the schedule allows.

Meditation can be a good alternative to starting your morning

Post surgery routine- self wakeup 6ish, 10-15 minute meditation while icing and elevating, only 1-3 clients daily beginning at 7 am with an hour between to rest and ice, 20-30 minute upper body weight lifting mid day.

I now understand what recovery is about - learning to listen when my hip says its time to elevate & ice. I am now really appreciating when its a “good day” and I can stand for my arm workout verses sitting in a chair. Small victory but it feels so good! I am looking forward to full clearance from the doctor that I am fully healed and cleared for all physical activity - but as of now, I am truly learning the mental fortitude that it takes to be patient, and kind to your self as your body does its job - healing.

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