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Happy New Year! Happy New You

The New Year! It feels like a new beginning, fresh start, a chance to make things better. Well, thats what you hear, and maybe feel. But I do think its a great time to re-think your priorities, what changes could you make to make 2023 your year?

Here are some great ideas to help maximize your You for the New Year!

  1. Waking up at 5am.

Waking up early means you are already ahead. This gives you more time to:

* Workout (you know my number 1 choice!)

* Plan your day

* Be more productive

It's a huge life hack and gives you more time to achieve your goals.

2. Writing down your thoughts before bed.

Writing before bed will imrove your quality of sleep. Here's what you can write down:

* Your goals for tomorrw

* What you are grateful for

* Any negative thoughts

This will improve your mental health dramatically.

3. Spend 1 hour a day exercising (ok, you were expecting this one right??)

To have a good mental health, you have to also have good physical health.

Think outside the box, yes, I would love to have you in class, but consider:

* Running

* Swimming

* Lifting weights

These all will strengthen and tone your body.

4. Sit in silence 10 minutes a day

Your mind is racing with hundreds of thoughts every minute.

Take 10 to:


*practice mindfulness

*give your mind a break

*be present in the moment

This is an underrated habit for your mental health.

5. Create a proper sleep schedule

Sleep is essential for you:


*mental health

*reducing stress

*improving your mood

Do this for deep and quality sleep:

*no screen 2 hours before bed

*no eating 2 hours before bed

*make your room cooler

*use blackout curtains

6. Take a 30 minute walk in nature.

Nature is proven to help you:

*get rid of anxiety

*increase happiness

*improve your mood

Its one of the best hacks for improving your day.

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