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Why Cardio Junkies Need Weight Training

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Why Cardio Junkies Need Weight Training

As a female that grew up in the 80’s, I loved the high energy cardio classes that ruled then. The more jumping and sweating - the better! I can actually remember a time (I’m wincing right now as I tell you) that I rolled my eyes and left the last few minutes of a class when the instructor started the cool down. I was much too cool for that! Why would I take my precious workout time to just stretch - duh???? I think that I like many others - got addicted to the adrenaline rush of all the cardio, but didn’t grasp the importance of the other needed elements.

Train your weaknesses - for a stronger better body

We are lucky that today there is so much research and science showing the value of a well rounded fitness program. Even with all the information though, there are still those die-hard cardio junkies out there. You know who you are..... The runner that just doesn’t want to take time out from the freedom and high that comes from that run......but thats where a good trainer, or group fitness professional can be invaluable! We can help your body get more out of those glorious runs (or insert your cardio passion here), and most importantly - help your body stay strong to do what you love for many years to come!

Its so rewarding as a trainer to hear the wonder in my clients voice when they report back that their runs have actually gotten better from the training! Think of your body like a wonderful machine, the more you tone and train it - the better it performs, but sometimes we need a professional to service

Think of your body like a wonderful machine, the more you tone and train it - the better it performs

that machine. A good trainer can look at your current fitness - the sport/activity your passionate about doing - and put together a program that can strengthen you.

I’ll let you in on a trainer secret........the activity or drill you detest the most......its a sure sign of a weakness somewhere that I will help you strengthen. Visit to join our classes on line!

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