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A Healthier You

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Joanie Fit

I have always had a passion for fitness, but found the added benefits of how a good exercise program can help relieve stress and increase coping skills as my family grew.  As a mom of 5 children  - my fitness  grounded and anchored me, which made me both a stronger  person and parent.  I now strive to share this philosophy with my clients.  By taking time to take care of your self, you become a better caregiver, provider, worker, whatever capacity you are needed for out there. I prepare you for whatever life throws at you, here in the gym, from the inside out!”
Joanie has been training in Wilmington, DE and Ocean City MD for the past 15 years. She constantly strives to bring clients the newest research & advancement in the exercise community.

Joanie is the best! At first I thought I would just do the four classes but I am now signed up for the monthly plan. She is amazing! The work outs are the hardest most challenging in the area. There is nothing out there like it! You sweat, have fun and get in shape. I lost four pounds in a week thanks to Joanie and I feel amazing! I will be working out with her for the rest of my life!

Groupon Client

She is AWESOME!  I would love to take more classes from her.  Her energy is infectious and she is a great teacher.  Hopefully she will be able to teach more classes – I would love to take more!

Amy - Corporate Client

Hi Joanie,

I definitely woke up this morning and felt like I got hit by a truck. Great workout last night, thank you! I really loved using the weights.

Your classes have been my savior, I have been so stressed out these last 8 months with my new job and planning the wedding that this has been my release. I used to belong to a gym back home and I loved taking the kickboxing and step classes. When I moved, I was so sad not to have that in my life anymore. I'm so happy I found your class, your enthusiasm and expertise will guide me to the fit bod I intend to have not just for the big day but for the rest of my life!

Kathryn - Group Fitness Member

When I box, I feel alive!  I LOVE knowing that I can protect myself and manage my opponent.  Boxing is a sport where you get total body fitness (you feel your core totally engaged- which Ineed) while enjoying the rhythmic movements of dancing around your opponent to strike a good punch.  Joanie is the best at making sure I focus more on the fitness than I do on the punch.  She understands that my fitness goals outweigh the need to get in the ring (anytime soon).  When I get to personalize my training during her 1:1 classes, that’s when I get the most out of my workouts, and I have the most fun!  I get to challenge myself with new combinations that set my mind ablaze and push my body to new levels

Taryn - Personal Training Client

Contact Me

Fit Delaware - 62 Rockford Rd Wilmington DE United States 19806

(302) 743-1891

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