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Your Negative Thinking is Impacting Your Workout

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We’ve all heard how important it is to be positive right? Thats not a new concept….but how about how negativity affects your fitness? Well if you already train with me - you know this is a big one for me! I have seen many times how thinking affects the results of fitness.

This may sound hokey, but I’ve had many years in this industry. Between group classes and personal training - I’ve worked with over 700 people. What makes a workout work for one person and not so well for the person right next to them doing the same exact workout? Well yes, there are a few factors - but the top of the list (and my biggest pet peeve) is attitude!

Have you taught one of your children a new skill? To ride a bike or math? Or maybe train a dog? How would that experience go if you were constantly pointing out the faults/yelling about mistakes? We all know that answer….the child or dog would shut down - give up - figure its not worth doing. Well……here’s the thing - your muscles hear you! If there is negative talk going on in your head your body hears it!!!

I can tell the success of a workout by how the client is holding themselves. Erect and confident - enjoying the feeling of challenging the body - the process of working out, verses the person thats slightly rounding the shoulders, movements that don’t have “umph” to them. This person is listening to negative feedback. “it hurts, I don’t look as good as so and so, I’ll never get (fill in the blank), these types of thoughts sabotage your progress. Why should your body keep trying when all it hears is what its NOT accomplishing??

Think of training as a journey….not with a destination but a journey of exploring and enjoying. Exploring what our amazing bodies are capable of, and enjoying the byproducts of hard work.

So lets change that inner chatter! My ultimate gift from clients…..when I get the emails/messages…..I heard your voice in my head saying “you can do 2 more of anything” and you know what?? Your right I finished the race (or whatever the goal was). That is fitness success!!!

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