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Success Story! Featuring Corporate Client Lisa

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

My name is Lisa and I am a mother of 2 busy boys and work full time. I want to tell you about my weight loss journey. 11 months ago I was at my highest weight ever. I had a co-worker for the past year tell me you have to come to the gym classes here they are amazing and you’ll love it. I pushed it off because I knew that there would be skinner people than me there and I was insecure. After seeing myself at the high weight and feeling like I can’t put anything else in my stomach I decided to go.

Its amazing to see the results of getting "addicted" to your workouts!  Lisa is a great example of the byproduct!  Cheering right along with her!
Lisa Thompson, Ai Dupont Nemours Client Before & After!

This is when I met Joanie. She and the other girls welcomed me with open arms. Joanie was amazing, her motivation and high energy and positivity made me feel like I have been doing this forever. I kept going back to the classes (even though it’s hard to walk after her classes) I pushed through. I started feeling better and decided that I was going to take it a step further and started changing my life style. I started eating better, I started to run again. Each day, week and month I progressed with Joanie alongside with me.

When the pandemic hit and they took the gym classes away from us and I panicked. Some people would go to her classes for something to do during their break, I went to the classes because I needed her. Ineeded her motivation, her voice, and her positivity telling me I can do it. Now what was I going to do? This is when I found out that she provided online classes. I immediately logged on and brought one up, I was so relieved to still have her during this dark time that the world was going through. I continued to work with her virtually from turbo kick, body sculpt and weight training. My family and friends could

start to see the weight I was losing. I started hitting harder during the classes. She was with me every step.

Every pound I lost I couldn’t wait to tell her. Weight loss isn’t something that will happen in 3 months, it’s a journey, and it’s a life style change. From eating healthier to working out. You become addicted and happier. You build a bond with not only Joanie but with everyone in her classes. With the help of my husband, loved ones, friends and Joanie I was able to lose 50 pounds in 5 months. I cut back on sugars and carbs and increased veggies and protein and feel amazing. I don’t know where I would be

without Joanie and all her inspiration and belief in me. As Joanie always tells us you can do anything and I’m here to prove it is possible.

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